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Axels Samuntu



Portland Adult Ed.

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MCD Global Health

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Axels Samuntu, MD, is the Project Coordinator of Community Outreach and Training. He is responsible for providing training, conducting outreach activities, designing educational curriculums, and developing evidence-based in-person and online training. In this role, Axels Samuntu also supports a MECHWI strategic plan and recruits new partners and members into MECHWI. He serves to promote and advocate for professionals and build the CHW Identity. Including implementing an outreach plan to engage career centers, healthcare organizations, and community-based organizations. Axels Samuntu completed his Medical Degree at the Mbuji Mayi Official University in 2015 and two graduate certificates, the first in Public Health and the second in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, at the University of Southern Maine in 2022 and 2023. Axels Samuntu is pursuing his master's in public health at the University of Southern Maine.